Intelektra Smart Home, Inc.


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About Us

At Intelektra Smart Home, we offer a comprehensive smart home solution that brings together lighting, heating, ventilation, security, multimedia, and other essential components to work seamlessly together. Our system utilizes intelligent sensors, actuators, and a central control unit to automate and manage various aspects of your home. The primary goal of smart home technology is to simplify and enhance the way people interact with their homes, making daily tasks more efficient and your home more sustainable, secure, and simple to control.

Our vision
Inspired by trailblazers like Tesla, we imagined homes as more than just structures. We envisioned them as living, responsive ecosystems - simple and intuitive. Homes that embody the spirit of those who inhabit them, and care for our planet in the process. Our ambition is to redefine living spaces using AI and automation much like Tesla revolutionized transportation.